A guide on weight gainers and mass gainers

A guide on weight gainers and mass gainers

 A guide on weight gainers and mass gainers

When you first enter the fitness world, you get puzzled by a lot of information. Every individual has different nutritional requirements depending upon several factors like age, height, gender and intensity of physical exercise. For some, repairing post-training is extremely important to maximize athletic performance and for some, it is to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat and gain strength. Let us have a deeper understanding of the different types of gainers.


Mass gainer

Mass gainer is a supplement that provides  proteins, simple carbohydrates and moderate fats to the total muscle mass of the body. It is very high in calories aiming to increase your daily calorie intake to create a calorie surplus and therefore helping individuals gain mass. Mass gainers are suitable for ectomorph ( lean build having small muscles to long limbs ) to mesomorphic ( higher than average muscular development ) individuals in the bulking phase.It has a high quantity of fiber and protein content so that fats and carbs can be digested easily. Mass gainer helps you in gaining the correct muscle size, definition and mass without adding visceral fat.




High in fiber

Fiber content in mass gainers helps in active digestion of the fats and carbs and it only focuses on the muscle power gain to workout with heavy weights.


Maintain a lean body

Mass gainers are richer in dietary fats than saturated fats and also contain MCT ( medium chain triglycerides) that ensures calories to be deposited in the form of muscle mass and not fat. It ensures to meet your fitness goals as the calories are taken from all the right sources.


It contains vitamins and digestive enzymes

The nutritional value and detailing of each mass gainer is different and certain muscle gainers have essential vitamins that build your immunity. It helps to stay active and improves your performance and helps you stay healthy.


Fulfill creatine goals

Creatine works the best with quick acting carbs and consuming it with mass gainers is the best bet. This combination helps in building muscles and when the individual benefits from both these supplements and when they are taken together, there is a huge impact on muscle strength.


Supports repair and recovery

The ingredients present in mass gainers help repair and recover toned muscles. The amino acids add strength to the muscles and help nourish them.


Weight gainer


Weight gainers aim to increase the body weight through high calorie consumption as it is rich in carbs compared to the proteins. It has less or no dietary fibers as compared to mass gainers. The calorie per serve ranges between 700 to 1300 kcal. Weight gainers are suggested for severely lean people in their bulking phase. The primary objective of weight gainers is to help individuals gain weight and is usually recommended for hard gainers. It is ideal to refuel the body's carb storage for optimum performance. They contain a lesser amount of protein as compared to carbs and aid fitness enthusiasts access calories. Weight gainers are ideal for individuals having low weight gaining capacity.




Post workout

After exercising,weight gainers can feed your muscles with the right amount of supplement for muscles to recover quickly. People who are hard gainers can use weight gainers as a part of their diet to maintain the optimum required calories.


Meets extreme caloric needs

If you are someone looking for more calories in your diet,  weight gainers are advised as they meet the daily requirements in just 1 to 2 servings per day.


Better carbohydrate storage

The carbohydrate that is stored breaks into glucose which the body metabolizes for energy to perform various functions. Weight gainers are used for refueling the body's carbohydrates storage for better performance.


Top 4 gainers

1. Big flex muscle mass gainer

2. Plantvita mass gainer

3. osoaa mass gainer

4. scitron mass gainer


Precautions to use gainers:

Gaining optimum mass and building bulk is important. However, putting on unnecessary fat is not. Following an effective workout routine is important while taking a mass gainer. Without correct workout, an individual would gain fat and become overweight with time. To ensure this criteria, it is essential to adopt a healthy eating plan and exercise routine to achieve a healthy weight.


When is the ideal time to use gainers?

It depends on the training schedule and dietary requirements. For effective results, it is recommended to take it


Pre training: To boost your energy levels, it is recommended to consume easily absorbed carbohydrates 30 to 60 mins before workout. Gainers are the ideal way to get them


Post training: This is the time when you utilize a copious amount of energy and your glycogen levels are lowered and hence it requires to be replenished.


Before sleeping/ in the morning: if your diet is deprived of certain nutrients, the body gets into a catabolic state as it gets no nutrition for more than 6 hours during sleep. Hence, it is essential to provide it with nutrients before bed and after waking up. Having a high quality gainer can have a significant effect on your body.


Any time during day: A superior quality gainer in the form of an all in one blend once a day as a meal replacement can be ideal to fulfill your energy consumption.


How to use the gainer?

An excellent way is to mix it with water. But, if you require more nutrients and calories, water can be replaced with milk.



Based upon the above benefits, mass gainers are recommended for people who workout with heavy weights while weight gainers are recommended for hard gainers who are required to do mild exercises.


Choose according to your body type and nutritional requirements.


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