Ways To Spot Fake Supplements

Ways To Spot Fake Supplements

Have you ever experienced being betrayed by someone?


You excitedly await the arrival of your new protein brand for days, but all you get is a copy of what you ordered! Trust us, we understand how you feel!

The biggest investment, so the saying goes, is in your health! But your health has also been impacted by the illegal market!


The majority of pricey yet fashionable items are susceptible to being duplicated and sold on the black market. The worse aspect is that developing nations like India are increasingly producing and selling fake supplements.

Doing your research and reading the labels are the most crucial steps in learning "how to detect fake supplements." Fake supplements frequently use alternative fonts, misspell words, place logos incorrectly, and even use the incorrect colours. This is your first step to determining whether the supplement you purchased is phony or authentic because even the slogan might be wrong.


Even more puzzling is the fact that the nutritional labels are inaccurate. Meaning that fake supplements may list components that weren't initially present in the original. Where did I learn this? Because knowing how to interpret nutrition labels is a skill that may be used to spot hidden calories and misrepresented components.


We have included ten alternative ways to verify a product's authenticity in order to assist you in identifying genuine whey protein brands:


1) Poor spelling and strange package design

Observing the bottle's look is one of the easiest methods to spot imitation protein. Package designs for counterfeit goods could be unusual or different from those for the goods displayed on the website. The Trademark sign on the logo may not be present, and it may differ from the brand's genuine logo.


2) Look for the FSSAI seal on the packaging.

It is crucial to understand whether a product has received the Food Safety and Standards Association of India (FSSAI) seal of approval. The FSSAI is the regulatory agency in charge of examining the product's safety. Before supplements arrive at your door, they go through stringent testing and several quality checks.


3) Watch out for the hologram:

 "Examining the brand's hologram is a sure-fire technique to distinguish a genuine from a fake product. Not every business has the necessary equipment to produce and duplicate the hologram. Holograms are utilized as a symbol of authenticity all across the world.



4) The Mixing Test and Other Product Quality Red Flags

If combined with the appropriate amount of water in a shaker, high-quality whey protein dissolves in 30 to 45 seconds without leaving behind lumps, clumps, or residues. When you first open the bottle of your whey powder, if it smells unusual, looks strange, or tastes strange, your product can be a fake.


5) Purchase from reliable merchants

Consumers should only buy supplements from trusted sources, whether that be a physical store or online. A trustworthy shop always takes the essential safety measures to sell high-quality products.


6) Supplement flavour, aroma, appearance, and mixability:


When purchasing a new container, pay great attention to the taste, smell, texture, colour, and mixability if you frequently use supplements or a certain product. The alarm ought to go off whenever you notice any changes. It can be a genuine modification from the supplement manufacturer. However, it's always a good idea to speak with them directly to check any changes you notice.


7) QR Codes and Bar Codes

Verify that the bar code and QR code on the container are pointing to the right website and providing you with the right product information. To obtain the information, use the QR scanner on your phone.



In conclusion, it can be claimed that fitness enthusiasts are becoming more attentive of their health and wellbeing. They should seek the advice of professionals to determine whether they can follow a specific supplement food regimen. This is important because they would know the supplements' contents and advise on whether it is OK to take them. Differentiating between real and fake supplements will be made easier by detecting the presence of chemicals and steroids. Because investing in one's health is a high priority, only purchase supplements from reputable companies' authorized dealers.