Creatine & Whey Protein : Benefits & Differences

Creatine & Whey Protein : Benefits & Differences

Creatine has long been considered one of the best supplements by fitness enthusiasts. Whey Protein and Creatine are both preferred, with a lot of research data backing their effectiveness. While their effects on health are similar for the most part, they are primarily different compounds, and both work in different ways. Creatine is an organic compound, which is produced naturally in muscle cells. It supports energy production during high-intensity training or heavy weight lifting. Enthusiasts who train for a specific weight, prefer Creatine, purely because of the instant boost of energy that they get from it. Creatine is also found in meat, but the amount of creatine that you can obtain from meat is relatively lower. That is why people who are looking to build up muscle mass, prefer creatine supplements. Whey protein is primarily found in dairy products and is a by-product of cheese, which is isolated to form a powder. Whey tops of the list when it comes to the quality of protein, hence its supplements are preferred by athletes and bodybuilders. Post-workout consumption of whey protein directly helps in enhanced recovery and increased muscle

mass. Here are some common benefits of both creatine and whey protein: -

- Both promote muscle gain

- Both increase muscle mass when taken in combination with resistance exercise.

- Creatine increases exercise capacity

- Whey protein provides a high-quality protein source to increase muscle gain over time. 

While creatine increases strength and muscle mass, whey protein stimulates increased muscle protein synthesis. The big question is, “Should you be taking both of them together?”

Lots of studies have shown that taking both of them together may not necessarily increase performance, as compared to when taken individually. Check out some creatine and whey protein products at our sister band  @urbanfit_store_ and get in touch with our experts at @urbanfit_studio_ for customized diet plans, tailor-made as per your dietary requirement